Top most reasons of hair loss

Nothing alarms a person more then the problem of hair loss. Hair has a life span and it falls off, it is replaced by other. When the rate of hair loss overtakes the rate of replacement, hair loss occurs. In men, hereditary hair loss can led to complete baldness. Thinning and falling of hair are the common hair problems faced by women. The causes can be stress, tension, lack of nourishment of the hair etc.

Internal diseases like hormonal or glandular disturbances like the abnormal functioning of the thyroid gland, reaction to the drugs and dietary deficiencies are some common causes of hair loss

Thinning of hair is also a hair problem faced by women which is caused due to the hormonal changes. Another cause can be menopause and the accompanying hormonal changes. A heavy hair loss also occurs a few months after the child birth. Scalp diseases from bacterial or fungal infection can lead to hair loss.Localized baldness is another problem. This occurs when the hair growth is normal in most areas but a few bald patches may occur in many parts of the scalp. These patches may merge in one another and finally led to complete baldness. This is known as alopecia areata. The causes of this disease are unknown but it may be due to emotional tension and anxiety.

Overlooked hair damage is another cause that can lead to hair loss. Harsh treatments when the hair is pulled and stretched can cause hair to break in large numbers. Exposure to heat for long time, stretching and pulling of hair and regular use of hair rollers also led to hair loss. Scalp infections also led to hair loss. It should be treated extremely well treated. Clinical treatments that activate the hair follicles thus leading to the enhancing of the blood circulation to the scalp have also helped checking the hair loss. Medicated tonics and ointments also help in treating the hair loss. Some plant extracts promote hair growth and improve the health of the scalp, these have therapeutic value and body responds well to them. Extracts like henna, shikakai, reetha and amla have proved quite beneficial in this context.

The hair become more fragile then the normal hair owing to hair loss and hence vigorous hair massages should be avoided. Use of brush and indiscriminate combing aggravates the condition. Stop the use of hair brush in case the problem of hair loss persists instead use a wide-toothed comb. Hair must be protected from those treatments that cause hair loss. External care should also be taken.

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