Effective tips for long eyelashes

Long lashes are the key of beauty of your eyes. Lashes have the ability to grow like the other body hairs, if one picks the lash hair it will grow automatically in the proper position. Hair of the eyelashes takes 4 – 8 weeks for the full growth.

Here are some home remedies to grow long and thick lashes and by using these tips you will get the dramatic look of your eyes ;

1.Use castor oil or olive oil to your eye lashes before going to sleep you can use your fingers or mascara brush for this purpose, just dip in oil and then apply it on your lashes.
2.For the growth of long lashes use balanced diet, and also some important minerals and vitamins especially vitamin E.
3.Brushing is also technique for the growth of long and thick lashes.
4.Use of lash curler can also helps in the growth of long and healthy lashes.
5.use mascara to increase the growth of your lashes
5.While applying these oils, prevent them from going into your eyes. Take a special care of your eyes and do all for about 2-3 months regularly.
6.use sunglasses to prevent your eyes from dirt , dust and sun rays.

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