Nose contouring tips and techniques

Contouring your nose can make a wide nose appear narrower, a long nose appear shorter, or a short nose appear taller — it all depends on the placement. Contouring is also called shading or shadowing, and it’s the process of using a darker color than your skin tone to create “shadows” to transform your features and make them more defined. When I contour my nose, I like making my nose appear a little taller and narrower:

You can use many different products to contour, but I mainly use powder. A brown blush or sculpting powder with a gray undertone (since shadows are gray) that’s two to three shades darker than your skin tone works best.
Before you contour your nose:
·         Apply foundation, if desired.
I usually contour my nose as after I have all my makeup on already. If you contour with a cream-based product though, contour your nose before powdering your face.
Here’s how to do it!

Figure out what type of look you want for your nose to determine the placement of the powder (or cream).
To make a wide nose look narrower, the placement will be similar to the lines shown in this picture. A trick is to take 2 Q-tips and hold one in each hand (using your thumb and pointer finger). Align the Q-tips on either side of the cartilage of your nose, parallel to the middle of your nose. The Q-tips will look like the 2 lines in the picture. Keep in mind where these lines are, because this is where you will be contouring.
To make make a short nose look taller (or to make a flat bridge more defined), follow the curve from your brow bone to the top part of your nose and continue with the placement in the picture on the right.
To make a tall nose look shorter, the placement will be on the curve on the tip of your nose (between your nostrils).
You can also do any combination of these placements, depending on what look you’re going for.

Pick up some powder (that’s about 2 shades darker than your skin tone) on the tip of an angled shading eyeshadow brush. I like using a chiseled double angle brush, because it has a point at the very middle for more precision when it comes to placement. If your placement includes the curve from your brow bone to the top of your nose, begin placing the powder on the inner part of your brow bone, follow the curve, and then go straight down the line determined in Step 1 (like I did in the picture on the right). Where you place the brush initially will have the most amount of product, so you want the darkest part to be near your brow bone. However, if you don’t want to do this, begin your line about where your tear duct is and then brush down the line.
If you’re contouring the tip of your nose to make it look shorter, then apply powder on the curve between your nostrils.

Using the same brush, blend the powder by moving the brush down the sides of your nose, working from the top to the bottom.
If you are contouring the tip of your nose, blend powder down right between your nostrils.

Apply some invisible powder or a translucent powder 1 to 2 shades lighter than your skin tone down your nose. The placement of the powder is shown in the picture on the right. Either buff it in with a kabuki brush (if you have oily skin) or blend it with a fluffy powder brush using a vertical motion down your nose. Continue blending the powder until it’s not visible anymore.
If you contoured the tip of your nose, also apply and blend in some invisible or translucent powder on that area.
You can also get the illusion of a straighter nose by using a lighter powder in Step 5 without having to contour a dark powder on the sides of your nose at all. If you do both though, it will create more contrast and hence a more dramatic change to your nose.
Here are some pictures of me without and with my nose contoured so you can see the difference:
This technique can take some practice to master, but once you get the hang of it, it can make a subtle yet big difference to your look!

8 don'ts for eyes care

1. Don’t wear contact lenses for extended periods of time or overnight as this leads to complication.
2. Don’t rub eyes frequently as this can cause an eye infection as few of us bother to wash our hands before touching our eyes.
3. When you splash water do not do this furiously believing doing this will take away tiredness instead wash gently as splashing may hurtle the smallest dust particles or an allergen which may minutely damage the cornea.
4. Use disposable tissues instead of handkerchiefs to wipe eyes, as they are more hygienic.
5. Don’t sit near than 15 feet from the television and keep your book at least two feet away for stronger eye muscles.
6. Use cream based eye makeup as powdery eye shadows can enter eyes and, cause irritation. Be very gentle in case you wear lenses.
7. Avoid using aerosol products like hairspray if you wear lenses.
8. Don’t use your mascara for more than a year.

Summer fever is up....

If the winter months have left your skin looking dull and dry, now it’s time for you to prepare for summer season. Girl’s newest motto is, ‘oiliness is next to ugliness’. It’s funny but if you’re going to analyze it, reality will hit you back. Yes! It’s hard to take care of an oily skin. If you’re skin is oily, there is a tendency to have acnes as well and all other forms of skin problems. There are many things to consider if we have this type of skin.
Harsh weather conditions and central heating can take your charge on you’re skins appearance. It’s our fault if we neglect our skin when in fact this is the biggest and one of the most important parts of our body. There are advanced herbal-based products that can help you shed dull and oily skin surface and renew your complexion. In some philosophy skin care clinics, they believe that in any skin condition has a chance to be repaired with any kinds of treatment. Not everyone is blessed with beautiful and healthy skin but everyone has the right to be helped out and repair their old and dull skin.
When you try some herbal products, you will see and feel the difference from head to toe. Natural skin care is better to those who have sensitive, dry or even oily skin. The effect is slowly but surely. There is no need to rush because hurrying the effects will just lead to skin irritations or worse, major skin problems. That’s why there are derma clinics that use herbal or natural products for the safety of their clients.
Staying under the sun is a way of loosing weight because we’re perspiring a lot especially when we move as well. It’s like staying in the gym for 1 hour and does our exercise routine. But staying long under the sun may lead to burns or skin cancer especially if we forgot to put sun block lotions. You can forget anything but not this one. This is not being vain at all. WE just want to protect our skin from serious and dangerous damages there is. We can’t rely on the sunshine to stay as white or fair our skin is. So before we decide to go to the beach, we have to do some preparations and try to search for an effective product that will help your skin and stay as healthy as possible.
Herbal or natural products have two effective formulas to help refine your body’s contours and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Thank God! So after sudden loose of weight, we can still wear our favorite swimsuits and two piece bikinis. Skin care tips matter as long whether it’s online, from the magazines or from the TV programs. Informing ourselves is very important. Don’t deprive your skin from the moisture that our skin needs. We eat when we’re hungry and so is our skin. We can enjoy the sun and the beach without neglecting ones health.

Unique red hair colouring ideas

Women with hair like fire have always attracted the eyes of men and burned their hearts. We know that this color inspires strong passion and heart rate accelerates. Celebrities such as Julianne Moore, Isla Fisher, Scarlett Johansson, Shakira had or still have tried one of the red hair color ideas and have captivated with the red reflexes of their hair.
If you are planning to become a red hair lady, you should know that the red hair color ideas for contain a wide range: copper red, dark red, intense red, orange red, natural red, light red, ignited red, mahogany red or gold red.

If you have red hair or if you beat your mind to dye your hair in this irresistible color, appropriate in rust leaf season, here are some details that you should know:
Strong color, but of short duration. Red hair color is intense, very strong, but whose beauty is short: lime water, pollution, and aggressive and repeatedly hairdressing, drying frequently with an electric styling product altered the glow.
Also, red hair is vulnerable to climate change. Redheads have a lot to avoid the sun, red pigment is not well filtered the sunlight, so the scalp is very vulnerable to ultraviolet rays.

Take care of your hair every day. Daily care is very important for any color hair you have. But inconvenience caused by red hair can be quite dramatic. Redhead attracts attention so to get you in value and to not seem sloppy you have to ensure protection and what it needs. You have to be very carefully in choosing the best red hair color idea for you.
Do not make stripes. If you decide to make a change do not recourse to stripes in different shades of blonde. The redhead is a shade of hair coming out very hard, that’s why they will have discolored strands of pink tint. Uniform hair color regarding the red hair color ideas is the best option. If you want a different hair color with a tone or two light it down or light it up a little. Changes are made gradually, over time!

Choose clothes in proper colours. People with orange-red hair colour must be careful when it comes to wearing clothes. The most suitable are light or pastel shades of green, blue or lilac. Dark green, blue or purple give light-haired women a pale air.

Hair colours for every where

 People tend to change the natural colours of their hairs. Gone are the days when women reached for the bottled hair colour just to cover their grey. Adding a colour can add an edge to an otherwise boring hairstyle. Many of us know how devastating it can be when a new colour goes wrong as fun as a new hair colour is. Knowledge is the key to ensuring that your new hair colour dazzles rather than devastates.
If you have purchased a hair color from your local pharmacy you may be in for a big surprise. The color shown has been applied to the similar color of the banana. You may end up with a much darker shade than you have chosen though it’s permed, relaxed or highlighted hair will absorb hair color very quickly. That’s how hard it is to choose and to blend the colors before applying it and you might need the best beauty tips out there.
Another homemade hair dye and beauty hair tips, can be created using walnut husks and water. Simply boil the husks in water for about 15 minutes to make this dye. Strain the mixture and use the liquid to color your hair after boiling. There are tons of homemade hair dye recipes to be found on the Internet. While others are meant to provide a completely different look, keep in mind that some recipes are meant to enhance your natural hair color or cover grey hair. Giving you freedom from toxic hair chemicals, you need to take the time to perform a bit of research and you’re sure to find a homemade hair dye recipe that is right for your hair.
The concern seems to be unfounded by many studies have been done to determine the relationship between the use of hair dyes and cancer. Although these cases constituted only a small percentage of hair color users, some research published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute did suggest that prolonged use of black hair dye 20 years or more did seem to raise the occurrence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma according to some hair products guide.
Most of the times you may actually run out of ideas when it comes to hairstyle highlights while there are many techniques available. Confused as to which are the colors that would match your hair in the first place, you may be tearing your hair in despair. You should not go 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair color when it comes to highlights if you are someone who is looking for a highlight for dark hair. It would look good on you if you can try out tones of red or a blend of gold and copper. A professional hair stylist may be able to guide you through all these aspects. You can get a fair idea as to which is the colors that would suit you if you can also try browsing through virtual hairstyle websites.
Without thinking, you find yourself checking out the woman walking by whose hair catches the light in a way that makes it look gorgeous. That’s what highlight envy is. Highlights can be tricky and require careful attention to your hair’s shade and tone but unlike a simple color change. The amount of time the chemicals stay on and the numbers of highlights you want are the important factors to have successful highlights also depend on your hair’s health and texture.

Amazing tips for bringing sexy pink lips

Who doesn’t want to have a sexy smile that can attract a zillion of guys out there? You won’t get that pout of perfection if you fail to properly care for your lips while it’s important to maintain healthy teeth. Dentists do their best each day to perfect his patient’s smile. And after nearly 30 years of practice, they are still amazed by how many people come in seeking a Miss America smile while failing to care for their lips. They don’t only focus on someone’s teeth. It’s hard for a patient to get a perfect smile if their lips are consistently neglected. Your teeth and lips go together.
You just can’t have a great smile with unsightly and unhealthy lips.  The best protection against sun damage is a water resistant lip balm that keeps lips moist and has an SPF of 15 percent or higher and it is best for women’s health as well. Lip balms with sunscreen should be applied an hour prior to sun exposure and then reapplied throughout the day. Extreme weather can also lead to chapped and flaking lips. Exfoliate them gently with a soft toothbrush and a lip exfoliates to keep lips supple. Once they have been exfoliated, a moisturizer with sunscreen should be applied to add softness.
Remember to wear a lip balm to seal the moisture in. It not just for women, but it can be applicable to men’s health too. And a quick tip is to avoid licking your lips. It can lead to dryness and may cause lips to burn as the saliva forms a lens and will intensify the sun’s rays. Achieving that truly perfect smile is a two-step process, involving proper dental care and proper lip care. And a few simple steps are all it takes to achieve succulent, radiant lips. 
The lips take a beating during the winter months with all the cold temperatures outside and dry heated air inside. Nothing feels more than a little painful than chapped, winter-ravaged lips. Now is the perfect time for a little extra love for your pucker for our health and safety. There are a couple of tried and true methods that will get your lips soft and super kissable. Mix together 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of baking soda until mixture looks like a paste. Apply the paste on your lips and leave it on for a couple of minutes. Gently rub the lips with a wet washcloth, in a slight back and forth motion. Wash off with lukewarm water Pat the lips dry with a towel and then apply olive oil which will help the lips re-hydrate.
Vaseline Lip Balm promises to give soft pink tint, glossy lips and 24 hours of moisturized lips. Now let’s discuss it if it really does what it says. It looks pinkish red, is of the consistency of any gloss and is really cooling on application that even if it s still on your lips. It feels like you need to apply it again because of the chillness it imparts for the first 20 minutes or so. The taste is mild strawberry and it smells like chewing gum. It can make your lips really kissable. It has a shelf life of two years and has to be reapplied every 3 hours or so

Best cosmetics for oily skin

Do you have a problem with the natural oil on your skin?  If so, then you must have a hard time finding the right cosmetics that could withstand the natural occurring oil in your skin.  I understand that it is pretty hard, actually.  You see, I have an oily skin as well.  And no matter and how much and how often I retouch my make up and powder, the natural oil in my skin still dissolves it.  I am beginning to think that the make up that is perfect for oily skins has not been invented yet despite the many beauty products manufacturer we have in this lifetime and in the planet.
Like you, I have also tried those antibacterial facial wash and those that are meant for oily skins, but to no avail.  My money could have been better spent on a good pair of shoes or I could have just saved it for that new and shiny gadget.  The only thing that I could think of is that I do not have a pimple or acne problems.  I seldom get breakouts, which occur around the same time when I am going to have my period, but those zits are just small and they scoot away after two or more days.
Anyway, I started searching the internet for the best cosmetics advice that the experts can give for oily skin, and, with the luck of all luck, I stumbled upon an advertisement about a make up that says that it could work wonders for women with oily skin.  The name of the cosmetics line is Dinair.  So I immediately ran a search on the internet for the said beauty products line, and I found out that many and many women with oily skin have started using and is now reliant on Dinair products.  With high hopes that I can now find a product that can definitely match my oily skin, I quickly went to the mall to do some cosmetics shopping.  I tagged my friend along and we were barely out the door when we started running for the car because we were so excited.
We tested it out in the supermarket and we found out that the Dinair products are made to be applied using a special technique and not the traditional way that we are accustomed to, which is brushing, blending and coloring.  The Dinair products are meant to be used with the airbrushing technique of applying make up, it was then that I found out that this particular make up application technique has been proven to be effective for oily skins. Imagine this: Dinair products are already made for oily skin, and it is supposed to be applied using a technique that is supposed to work on oily skins like mine, so it has to work, hasn’t it?
Well, you guessed it correctly. The Dinair products and the airbrushing technique perfectly worked. No more fumbling through my purse for my compact powder for a quick touch up.

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