Best tips for growing long nails in 5 days

Do you bite your nails and want to start over? Well, in this how-to guide you can grow your nails in 5 days or less!
1. Wash your hands with gentle soap and water and dry.
2. Take a cuticle pusher and gently push back the cuticles.
3. Take a special cuticle blade (optional) and remove the extra cuticle
4. Add two coats of clear nail polish (growth treatment would be good but you can use any clear polish).
5. After two hours add one more coat of clear polish.
6. Do this every day. Alternate, one day do vinegar the next day use warm milk instead (it really works).
7. also, try drumming your fingernails because it stimulates nail growth. If you type a lot it really helps!
You will now have great nails!

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