Liquid eye liner and its application tips

Eye liner is an important part of eye make up. It gives a dramatic touch to the face and makes eyes look bigger and attractive. Without eyeliner make up is never complete.

Selecting eye liner

One should be careful while selecting eyeliner. Always choose eyeliner that is longer lasting and give more precision. For soft definition use pencil eyeliner and for dramatic look use liquid one. Choose the color of the liner that compliments with the color of your eye shadow. On light colored eyes, brown, navy and charcoal liners look great while for dark and black eyes, brown and black shades are recommended. 

Applying eye liner

Wash your eyes in order to remove excess oil from upper and lower eye lids. Natural oil reduces the age of make up. Then apply any other eye make up that you plan to use. After finishing with them pick up the liner brush, Dip it into the liner and remove the extra fluid. Then rest your elbow on a steady surface to avoid any shaking. Start from the centre of the upper lid. Move the brush from the centre to the outer corner. Give the thickness according to your desire. At the outer corner make small flick this will beautify your eyes. Then move the brush towards the inner corner. Liquid eyeliner should be applied only on upper lids. .


Always keep a cotton wool pad and make up remover with you while putting any kind of make up so that incase anything goes wrong you can correct it. Do not forget to wash the brush with the make up remover for increasing their age and keeping them intact. Applying eyeliner needs practice. You can always practice it when sitting all ideal at home. This will give you better result when you apply it on the final day. Most importantly never loose your focus while applying the liner. 

Gone are the days when women use to envy large and beautiful eyes women. Today, to have attractive eyes one does not have to be depended on her genes. All she has to do is learn the correct methodology to apply make up. 

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