Professional techniques for face massage

In general how to massage other person’s face.
1. Forehead:
start with forehead. Join your fingers and keep both hands on the forehead of your frnd. Now gently move your hands from the mid of the forehead towads the ends.
Left hand left side, right hand on right side. Do this till you do it 7-8 times.
Now using your finger tips make circular motions all over the forehead from mid towards the end, do it for a minute or two.
2. Cheeks:
Gravity pulls our skin down, hence we have to massage in upper direction to counterpart that .
Keep your fingers joined. keep each hand on respective cheek. Make big circles using your finger pads then massage the cheeks. Massage for a minute or two.
3. Eyes:
Most delicate part. Make sure you apply NO pressure near your eye’s soft skin. Use your ring finger (no other finger. coz ring finger applies least pressure) simply move over your under eye area. No pushing, no dragging/pulling, no pressure. Just move over the area so the area feels the relaxation and make sure all this time your eyes are CLOSED. Do not open them please. Now using your finger do tapping on under eye area. Tapping shud be very gentle. Just touch the finger tips on that area. No pressure please. This will improve blood circulation. For more relaxation you can cup your hands and keep on the closed eyes of your friend for around 10-20 seconds.
4. Nose:
This one is the easiet to massage. You just have to follow the motion from tip to base and from base to tip, thats it. Horizontally and vertically both.
5. Jaw and Upperlip:
Upperlip also does not need much time. You can move your hands alternatevely from one end to another or you can use just the first finger to massage the upper lip area.
For jaw lets discuss your hands first. Divide your fingers, first and second together then gap and 3rd and 4th together of both hands.
Keep both hands on mid of the chin, 1st and 2nd fingers on chin while 3rd and 4th finger on lower side of jaw. Now massage gently in upward direction towards ears. Do gently, do not pull.
6. Neck:
There are various arguments on the way of massaging the neck. some people say, massage it downwards you wont have double chin. Some say massage against gravity to prevent wrinkles. Its really a personal choice,though gentle motion in downward direction is more preferred.
While massaging the neck there are some zones which you should NOT massage. At exactly middle, touch your fingers you can feel the bone, this bone area should never be massaged regularly. The zones next to it on both sides are perfectly safe to massage.
You can use your one or both hands, keep your hand on neck so as your four fingers should be on one side of the neck bone and thumb should be on other side, there should be no pressure on neck.
Massage downwards gently. Do it from the chin to the end of the neck.
For back side of the neck, dont massage on the bone, massage on sides. Using both hands all four fingers, just slide down wards/upwards(your choice) your hands gently.

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