Pakistani Bridal Head Locket Tikka Collection

Jewelry The Important characteristic of the Beauty Look beautiful is the nature of Women’ is the Basic Desire Which Born with the women’s and Remain with is Whole life.some time it does not end till death.

The head Jewelry their Are Two types of jewelry.The Gold and silver Jewelry The heavy Gold and Silver jewelries and Lite and stylish jewelry. The women’s jewelry start from head.which name TIKA.there are different Designs of Tika The Locket. It can be wear on head in different shapes,but jhumar shape does not change. Nose wear products nose jewelry There are lot of Product use to wear on nose. which names are different E.g (nath and Long ) The bridal use these wear products mostly this is tradition old but Today it is Still active and people like the Wear these things. Earring jewelry here are lot of jewelry kinds but the earring are specially Nominant in beauty. There are Different And many types of earrings new earrings fashion Always adopt by younger teen age’s.
The Jewelry earring is special because Both the women’s and Girls wear Earrings. There are different styles and Different kinds of Earring jewelry. Tops earring Are major part to increase the beauty of earring’s. People Make the many wholes in earrings To increase the beauty.

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