Best cosmetics for oily skin

Do you have a problem with the natural oil on your skin?  If so, then you must have a hard time finding the right cosmetics that could withstand the natural occurring oil in your skin.  I understand that it is pretty hard, actually.  You see, I have an oily skin as well.  And no matter and how much and how often I retouch my make up and powder, the natural oil in my skin still dissolves it.  I am beginning to think that the make up that is perfect for oily skins has not been invented yet despite the many beauty products manufacturer we have in this lifetime and in the planet.
Like you, I have also tried those antibacterial facial wash and those that are meant for oily skins, but to no avail.  My money could have been better spent on a good pair of shoes or I could have just saved it for that new and shiny gadget.  The only thing that I could think of is that I do not have a pimple or acne problems.  I seldom get breakouts, which occur around the same time when I am going to have my period, but those zits are just small and they scoot away after two or more days.
Anyway, I started searching the internet for the best cosmetics advice that the experts can give for oily skin, and, with the luck of all luck, I stumbled upon an advertisement about a make up that says that it could work wonders for women with oily skin.  The name of the cosmetics line is Dinair.  So I immediately ran a search on the internet for the said beauty products line, and I found out that many and many women with oily skin have started using and is now reliant on Dinair products.  With high hopes that I can now find a product that can definitely match my oily skin, I quickly went to the mall to do some cosmetics shopping.  I tagged my friend along and we were barely out the door when we started running for the car because we were so excited.
We tested it out in the supermarket and we found out that the Dinair products are made to be applied using a special technique and not the traditional way that we are accustomed to, which is brushing, blending and coloring.  The Dinair products are meant to be used with the airbrushing technique of applying make up, it was then that I found out that this particular make up application technique has been proven to be effective for oily skins. Imagine this: Dinair products are already made for oily skin, and it is supposed to be applied using a technique that is supposed to work on oily skins like mine, so it has to work, hasn’t it?
Well, you guessed it correctly. The Dinair products and the airbrushing technique perfectly worked. No more fumbling through my purse for my compact powder for a quick touch up.

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