Amazing tricks of wearing beach makeup

With the summer finally in full swing, you’ll probably be hitting up a few beaches and pool parties, but how exactly should you proceed with your makeup? Everyone knows that wearing a full face of makeup in the heat (especially if you’re outside all day) or while swimming is a big no no. But thankfully, there are lots of other ways you can look flawless in the sun without pilling on the heavy makeup.
Start With Sunscreen – Apply a quarter-size drop of SPF to your face and neck. Massage slowly into your skin and let dry for about 5 minutes until you do anything else. Next, take a blotting sheet and apply to oily areas like your T-zone to ensure that all excess residue is soaked up.
Pick up an SPF spiked face powder – not only will it save your skin from the sun but it will also give you coverage and keep your skin staying matte instead of oily. Just dust the powder all over your face and neck to ensure even coverage.
Swipe your lashes with a waterproof mascara. Only give it one or two coats thought – you don’t want them looking thick and heavy.
Lastly, use an SPF lip balm to protect your lips from the harmful rays and also give you a soft, kissable pout.

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