5 Accessories Every Man Should Carry

There are certain accessories every man should be sure to carry. When looking to purchase any accessory it is very important to look for items that best represent your personality and character as they tend to last for a long period of time. Here are 5 essential everyday accessories.
Without a doubt, a wallet is the most important accessory a man can have.  A high quality wallet is important because it is the most used item a man will use.  Wallets neatly store all your cash and cards as well as important ID's in one convenient place.  A leather wallet is a great choice for a classy, yet casual look.
Pocket Knife:
Pocket knives are a very resourceful and come equipped with numerous different gadgets including scissors, tweezers, nail file, screwdriver, etc.  You never know when something will come up that requires the use of one of these tools and the fact that pocket knives are so compact and easy to carry makes them an excellent accessory to have around.
The watch is a classic look and one that is both practical and stylish. This is the one accessory that is always on display so it is important that you find one with a design you absolutely love.  You can go with a leather strapped watch or a fancier, metal band for wear in the office.
Briefcase/Messenger Bag:
When traveling around it is important that you keep all your work in one organized place.  Briefcases are excellent at keeping all your belongings in a safe and secure location.  If you are looking for something less formal, a messenger bag is a great option.
The handkerchief is an old-fashioned item that does not garner as much attention as it used to, however, it is a great accessory because it is easy to carry and is extremely handy.  You can use it as a decorative addition to a blazer or for practical purposes such as wiping your hands throughout the day.

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