Reem Al Baroudy best young actress

The young actress Reem Al Baroudy is living the time of her life these days where she was chosen as best actress for the drama “Ar Rahaya, Hajar al Quloob” she took part in this past year alongside prominent Egyptian actor Noor al Sharif.
 Reem said that even though she hasn’t been in the spotlight for more than five years, she was introduced into the art world ever since she was 15 years old. She adds that she is very happy accomplishing one of her dreams which is standing next to two of the greatest Egyptian actors Noor Al Sharif and Salah Al Sa’dney.
 Reem also wishes to star in a cinema film with famous Egyptian comedian Adel Imam, Ahmad Al Saqa and Khaled Saleh even if it was a role which has four scenes only.

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