How to choose an outfit that suits you

We’re always changing. What was comfortable and appropriate five years ago may no longer be appropriate today. Here’s how to choose an outfit to suit you:Here is Small Blog to let you know how to choose an outfit that suits you , It Includes Steps to Follow and tips in the end.By Following Steps you will surely be one of the queens living on earth.
Do some research. Search online, through fashion magazines and observe others. You may wish to mimic certain aspects
Determine your body shape. Are you petite, slim and tall or are you more curvier?
Determine your hair color. Are you a raven haired beauty? A brunette with red highlights? Are you now a blonde?
Determine your skin tone. Are you now pale from resisting the harmful rays of the sun? Or is your skin more golden or olive toned?
Choose your clothing size. Clothes should glide over your body whether sitting or standing. Buy a larger size for an appropriate length and width.
Learn to accentuate. Accentuate your upper torso rather than your waistline.
V-necks create a slimming line.
Try an empire waistline with your tops and dresses.
Layer a camisole or tank top with a free-flowing open blouse.
Try a dress rather than a two-piece outfit, which may be more revealing.
Learn how to wear jeans.
Try not to include the bulk of your jeans beneath a long top. Shorten a top to three inches below your natural waistline.
Low-cut jeans may no longer be appropriate. Try a slightly higher waistline.
Choose an appropriate color.
Dark colors are slimming.
Being monochromatic is even more slimming. Wear a navy skirt with a navy top. Wear brown pants with a brown top.
Choose earth tones to reflect red highlights in your hair.
Enhance a fair complexion with medium tones of color.
Enhance a dark complexion with pastels.
Patterned fabrics can be difficult to match and accessorize.
Choose accessories.
Wear earrings with a matching necklace to a formal event.
A long scarf or necklace are slimming.
A shoe with a slight heel goes with everything.
A small purse may be all that’s needed.
Locate a new store. As your style changes, so should your store.
Ask a close friend to shop with you. Choose someone that understands fashion.
Be open to try something new that a friend may suggest.
Emphasize your unique figure, skin tone, eye and hair color; and not the latest trend.
Coordinate with your existing wardrobe.
Look for a good plus size store. Think about undergarments as well.
Use a full-length mirror.
If you bought a larger size, learn how to take in the side seams and sew a hem by hand for a custom fit.
Make decisions carefully, as some stores have a no-refund policy.
Donate old clothes to charity.
Recycle fabrics into accessories or household items.

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