How to remove makeup professionally

It is wish of every lady to look beautiful, stunning and attractive. Through good application of makeup it enhances your beauty and makes you to feel more confident. There are different tutorials who tell us about the application of makeup but unfortunately no one tell us about ways to remove makeup properly. If you do not remove makeup it can damages your skin, block your pores and can cause breakouts. In this article I would like to tell you about different ways to remove makeup properly.
Stuff you needs;
·                                 Make-up remover
·                                 Cleanser
·                                 Exfoliator
·                                 Face-pack
·                                 Moisturizer
1. Take good makeup remover, and always choose that one who have quality of removing water proof makeup. You can also use cotton pads to remove all makeup from your face and body.
2. Now the very first step is to clean your face by sing this cleansing agent. For good results leave cleanser on your face for 1-3 minutes. Then wipe off with cool water.
3. Try to use face pack once a week. This will make your skin soften and adds natural glow in your skin.
5. Also make habit of exfoliating your skin, by doing so it will remove dead skin cells from your face and neck area.
6. The last step is to apply moisturizer.  

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