The art of chic lip liners

Application of good makeup is an art. Many of us do makeup but if you do not know certain tricks of application of makeup according to your facial features then there is no benefit of this makeup, because it will not give you’re your desiring results. So here are some professional tips for the application of chic lip liner.

Every lady has different features which require the difference in application of the makeup.
For starters it’s best to start practicing with a lip liner with a color that is close to the lip stick you usually apply. For beginners it’s important that they start off with more neutral and natural colors so that the mistakes are not prominent. Before the application of lip liner while you are applying makeup, make sure that you clean off the lip balm or other oil based products before the application of the lip liner.
The best way to put on the liner is by making a few dots on the outline of the lips, one at the upper edge of the lips and a few along the lips, when you have made the dots, work through a light smooth line that isn’t too straight along the lip line. Use the makeup sponge to remove the liner that has spread out of the lips.
One makeup tip that all the ladies have to be careful about is that they need to apply the lipstick after they have already applied the lip liner and it would be better if they apply the lipstick of almost the same shade as the lip liner. When the ladies have already applied the lip liner and the lipstick, they can use a lip brush to blend in the lip liner line along with the lipstick. This is done to avoid the harsh line of the lip liner.
If the ladies want the lipstick and the lip liner to blend properly then they should choose the right shades and try to buy the two makeup products together.

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