Jana Malik Beautiful And Attractive Pakistani Model

Jana Malik is very talented and versatile actress based in Lahore. She came into showbiz by chance although acting runs in her blood. She is the daughter of Raheel Bari, producer, and actress Sasha. Her maternal grandmother Laila was popular film actress of her time. Jana made her debut in PTV serial Reigzar at the age of 13. Her natural bent towards acting is well reflected in the ease in which she plays variety of roles.

Jana Malik is Pakistani Actress. She is very talented actress. She performed very well. She is very good actress. Jana Malik is beautiful and attractive very sexy figure. Jana malik pictures are also very beautiful.
In Jana Malik’s opinion, “It is important for a model or an actress to have a good face and figure, but there are a number of other things too. If a good face and figure were the only criteria for being a model, then all the body builders of the world and all the slim and pretty girls would have been model today. It is important that you have the right kind of attitude towards modeling and be able to carry a dress well. You should have the ability to give the right expressions in front of the camera and be confident and peppy. Pretty face and curvaceous figure is an incentive, of course. But I strongly feel that there should be no fixed age limit in modeling. If one can maintain oneself even when one is older, they must be given an opportunity to model”.

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