How to prevent your hair from split ends; 4 remarkable ways

Split ends feel like a witch’s curse, so this post is dedicated to fight with split ends.
There is no method by which you can repair your split ends 100%. But there are methods by which you can prevent them. So prevention is always better than cure.
Do not color your hair, if your hair is not absolutely healthy or already dry or weak.
Stay away from perming, permanent straightening and other chemicals too.
1. Do not Use Dryers and irons
Drastic change in hair temperatures tend to disturb the protein structure of hair, so stay away from blow dryers, irons and other such things.
If using a hair dryer is necessary, keep it on low heat and blow dryer should be at least 6 inches away from your hair.
2. Never rub the towel on your hair
If you want your hair towel dry, just touch the towel on your hair, never rub. Rubbing makes hair weak and produces split ends.
3. Rubbers
Never wear elastic rubbers. prefer the rubber band which are made up of cloth and are bit elastic. They do not pull your hair, so their is no damage with rubber bands made up of cloth.
If you are on a weight loss diet and eating less fat, make sure your hair do not suffer. Give your hair head massage with your favorite oil at least two times a week.
Whenever you wash your hair towel dry them, just touch the towel do not rub.
Then take a wide comb, i mean R- E- A- L- L- Y W- I- D- E comb. Just comb your hair once, so that they do not tangle much while drying.
Once they are dried fully, then you can brush them or use a normal comb.
4. Use of Serums
If your hair are unmanageable use hair serums like livon or silk and shine etc. If you do not require do not use, because they are silicon based. Most of serums can give your hair some side effects maybe after 10 years,
in short they are not much harmful use them if you want.
Never forget to use hair conditioners.
The ONLY cure to split ends is cutting them.
Home Remedies
Take 2 spoons of  honey, mix in a bowl of water. After washing your hair, dip the ends in this mixture. Do not wash them again, let them dry naturally. Do it 1-2 times a week.
You can mix few drops of lemon juice in coconut oil. Massage this oil two times a week.
One More Recipe:
Mix 1 egg yolk and one spoon of almond oil, apply on roots and massage gently once in a week. And then wash normally.
Both recipes can prevent split ends. Nothing, except cutting can repair split ends.

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