Applying Eyeshadow Under the Brow – Few Steps Guide

Today, everyone is wondering different things about makeup. How to apply eyeshadow under the brow is easy. Just follow these steps and you’ll get it right away.
·        First you apply a primer: Primer is a simple item to make your eyes pop and even out your skin tone.
·         Than you take a white eyeshadow and dab it right under your eyebrow. Make sure that you don’t dab it on top or else you’ll look like a clown.

·         Next you take a highlighting color and dab it on the inner corners of your eye to make the brow shadow pop. There you have it.
·         Make sure you don’t dab on top of your eyebrow of else you’ll look like a clown.
·         Use two different colors for this look.
·         You can also apply a dark/light eyeshadow to this look to make it stand out.

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